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CHILDREN and EATING PATTERNS,”My child lacks appetite, no matter what I do, should I give him multivitamins?”Let me tell you something,Children are the mirrors of our biological imprints. They reveal to us (adults) a lot about our innate primal mannerism, especially with food.Children don’t like eating not just because they are showing rebellion but because we are unnecessarily forcing them to eat.Their metabolic machinery gets tired of running substrates of food all the time.Our evolutionary instincts are hardwired to eat less and work more. This ensures that our output is at its optimum.Our genetics were designed to eat less and work more. Animals (human beings included) were not designed to eat all the time. Look at your dogs, they eat one meal a day yet remain ferocious and active.So, when children ‘refuse’ to eat, it is a signal that their bodies are getting worked up with unnecessary foods.But what do we do instead?We pump more food, and add more useless multivitamins thinking they will eat. Then we sweeten their foods.Sweetening their foods opens them to a world of addiction. Sugar remodels their dopaminergic circuits and henceforth they get addicted to sugar.They begin craving for chips, pizza, sodas, candies and cakes.They get hooked to MSG and other chemicalized preservatives eg Tomato sauce.We are inmersed in our own adult thinking assuming that children are ‘small adults’.They are not.Their stomachs are so small, just like our fists. So, why force them to eat instead of forcing them to play?What therefore is the consequence?Obesity.Fatty liver.Maturity onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY)Sleep disorders.Chronic skin and respiratory allergies.Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders.Dyslexia.Among others.Remember when you were growing up in the upcountry?You ate fewer meals, trekked to school, played sports in school and trekked back home. On Saturday and Sunday, you were active at home taking care of house chores and the farm. But did you ever lose appetite?So, why are children of today ‘losing’ appetite?Because we are feeding them junk foods.Because we are forcing them to eat even when their bodies are asking for a break.Because we are zero-grazing them.Because they sit in the house the whole day watching TV.Because they don’t play in the sun.Because they don’t catch adequate sleep.Because they are addicted to sugar.Are ‘multivitamins’ good for children?No. They are not.Multivitamins are synthetic compounds that have poor bioavailability. That means, the body has no metabolic machinery to break them for absorption. Therefore, these compounds become unstable radicals that will do the opposite of what they were supposed to be doing.”But Doc, why do you recommend or prescribe them?”I DON’T prescribe MULTIVITAMINS, I prescribe stand-alone vitamins and minerals. I also do not recommend multivitamins for anyone.Therefore, do not force your children to eat. Allow them to be active, they will ask f



Chemotherapy and it’s processes cause effects to the child’s hormonal system. Hormonal changes that results from damage to endocrine glands ;ie.pituitary can slow the child’s growth.It can also affect bones ,height and sexual development.Research shows that impaired fertility can be unwanted consequence of some of the treatment modalities used to treat cancer.Certain chemotherapy and radiationContinue reading “PRESERVING FERTILITY IN CHILD HOOD CANCER SURVIVORS.”

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